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reinforced grass car parking area
PERFO-AK reinforcement for a grass car parking area
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PERFO-SD reinforced grass car parking
  PERFO-AK car parking area
PERFO-AK grass reinforced parking area
For the reinforcement of existing grass parking areas (green field parking)
PERFO is quickly & easily installed and maintains natural drainage through the soil
Reinforced grass parking for Olympic site
Heavy duty wacker plate for installation
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PERFO-SD & AK car parking area
The PERFO reinforcement system is ideal for large and small projects.
Installations range from parking at major venues to overflow parking at offices and factories
Reinforced grass parking area
PERFO car parking area
PERFO garage parking
PERFO-SD garage parking area
Ideal for overflow and "green" parking at schools, churches, universities and hospitals
PERFO-AK installed in crushed stone for car parking
PERFO permeable rail station car parking
PERFO-AK permeable parking
PERFO-AK permeable car parking
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PERFO-SD permeable car parking
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Installing PERFO with a compaction plate
Heavy duty compaction plate for installation
  PERFO-AK environmentally friendly parking
PERFO-AK permeable office car park
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PERFO-SD driveway parking
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PERFO-SD reinforced lawn
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PERFO is the ideal way to provide additional parking for cars, caravans and boats
PERFO farm access track
PERFO-SD reinforced vehicle track
  Reinforced access track
PERFO-SD grass vehicle track
show access track
PERFO reinforced showground entrance
  PERFO reinforced track
PERFO vehicle track
PERFO reinforced roadway for a festival site
PERFO-AK access track for a large festival site
The ideal system for the reinforcement of all kinds of access tracks, including:-

Showground access, Field access, Fire lanes, Campsite access, Parks, Storage access, Services access, Pylon access, Wind turbine access etc etc

PERFO-SD reinforced campsite pitches
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PERFO-SD caravan park reinforcement
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The PERFO system is ideal for use at caravan parks and campgrounds
The easy installation means very little disruption to the site

As the grass grows back through the tiles, the natural green look and ground drainage is maintained
PERFO tiles are designed to be compacted into existing grass. The no excavation "no dig" installation method makes them ideal for reinforcing grass caravan and camping pitches. Access routes and tracks can also be reinforced to provide all season access to caravan and camping areas. Perforations in the tiles promotes excellent grass growth through the tiles whilst allowing the use of tent and awning pegs.
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