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Customer Testimonials:-
Compton Abbas Airfield Ltd (Licenced)www.comptonabbasairfield.co.uk
PERFO installations on runway and taxiways in 2001
"For me the worst thing was having a major problem with boggy surface conditions and not knowing which product was actually going to work and satisfy the CAA airfield inspectors too. Fortunately I was able to satisfy all the criteria by installing the PERFO ground reinforcement system. We were the first UK licensed airfield to use it, and as a licensee I can without reservation wholeheartedly commend this product to anyone wanting a permanent solution to soft ground conditions."
Clive Hughes - Licensee and Managing Director
Zürcher Oberland Aeroclubwww.fgzo.ch
PERFO installations on runway and taxiways since 2002
"We are happy to provide a reference. We have been using the PERFO-system for over 10 years and carry out approx. 25'000 flight movements per year on the tiles and have very positive experience with them"
Frau Pascale Kummer Speck-Veraltorf Airfield, Switzerland
Fliegerclub St. Pöltenwww.voeltendorf.at
PERFO installation on runway, taxiways and parking area 2008-2009
"As chairman of the St. Pölten Flying Club, I can only give a positive report on the upgrading of our airfield with the PERFO-matting. Since our airfield was always damp and wet, runway conditions/take-off distance had always been a problem due to the sometimes very soft ground. Furthermore, the numerous mole hills on the runway meant that it was not exactly the most popular in the region among pilots.┬áIn addition, the aircraft instruments (such as artificial horizon) suffered as a result of the uneven conditions. This has been fundamentally changed as a result of the upgrade. The number of flyable days has increased greatly and we always use the runway, except when it's snowing. This also helps the club ensure its aircraft are flying sufficient hours. All in all, we feel it was a very sensible investment which not only helps the club to be financially more sustainable, but also significantly increases safety."
DI(FH) Rainer Handlfinger (Chairman) Flugplatz Völtendorf LOAD
"At Völtendorf we are very satisfied with the installed PERFO tiles. The usability of the airfield has increased significantly, especially after heavy rain. Hardly any puddles remain and mowing and general maintenance (e.g. rolling in the Spring) is very simple. Another big advantage is that voles and moles do not burrow under the PERFO-mats."
Alois Sulzbacher (Betriebsleiter)
LSV Cloppenburgwww.lsv-cloppenburg.de
PERFO installation on runway and taxiways with PERFO marker tiles for the centre-line. Installed in 2011
"The pilots are overjoyed with the new PERFO runway, it almost feels like the runway at a big airport. Larger aircraft up to 5.7 tonnes can now land here."
Theo Budde (Project Manager)
"After 1 ½ years of operations since installation we have not regretted the decision to opt for the PERFO solution for even a moment. The runway feels smooth and even like a hard runway, without having lost the feel of a 'gentler' grass runway on landing. It reduces wear and tear on our aircraft and sensitive avionics and has increased the safety of the airfield. Cloppenburg Aeroclub would not hesitate to choose PERFO again and invites all interested pilots to come and experience our excellent runway for themselves."
Lothar Koopmeiners (Committee Member, LSV Cloppenburg)
"Thanks to the centre-line (PERFO marker tiles), the runway is clearly visible from quite a distance - really quite like an airport"
Reiner Kramer (Nordwestzeitung)
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Complete runways
or sections can
be reinforced.

Increased flying season

Safer more secure surface

Natural drainage maintained
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click for more PERFO runway photos  

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click for more PERFO reinforced runway photos marking elements available
for runways and

easy to clean and weather resistant

shorter take off distance
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For reinforcement of grass taxiways and access routes.

The PERFO system can
be used to reinforce complete routes or
sections prone to water logging and rutting.
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PERFO is the solution for wet, rutted and muddy grass parking areas.

Suitable for single
aircraft hardstandings
and complete general aviation parking areas.
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Easy and fast installation means there is very little disruption to airfield operations during fitting.

PERFO ground reinforcement is ideal for hangar aprons and hanger floors.

The tiles can be contoured to meet existing tarmac and concrete edges.

The PERFO system is frequently used for reinforcing helicopter landing areas and helipads.

High load bearing is achieved and the natural appearance of the grass area is maintained.

Marker Tiles

airfield marker tiles


when installed


4 months after installation


aerial view

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