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PERFO - Reinforcement of Runway Overrun Safety Area

Hohenems-Dornbirn Airport (LOIH)
                     A-6845 Hohenems, Austria

Installed October 2011

Customer: Hohenems-Dornbirn
(Österreichischer Aeroclub Landesverband Vorarlberg)



The requirement was to reinforce the safety-overrun area at the western end of the runway, which suffers from soft ground for much of the year, to allow for safe manoeuvring of aircraft on this area and easier retrieval of gliders.

PERFO-SD Standard Tiles were selected as the best option to provide a stable surface. After some levelling work and re-seeding of the area, the 1200 m˛ of PERFO tiles were installed in one day using a tandem vibrating roller and a workforce from the local aero club, supported by an expert from S2T. White PERFO marker tiles were used to mark the extremities of the reinforced area.